Proton Beam Therapy centers – An opportunity and a responsibility

The American Cancer Society projects that, in the year 2009, more than 1.4 Million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer. And more than 550,000 will die from it. While these staggering numbers are real they also represent a real opportunity to make a change. Over the next ten years, proton therapy, as a primary or secondary therapy, will likely become the optimum treatment for those Americans who are diagnosed with cancer.

PCCA’s founders have been at the forefront of Proton Beam Therapy center development, from the beginning, and are completely dedicated to the use of Proton Beam Therapy, and to its prolific use, in the treatment of cancer. We are uniquely positioned to be the leader in the development of Proton Beam Therapy centers, in the U.S., now and in the foreseeable future.

Hitachi – Tsuskuba Gantry

The proton beam is transported into the treatment room, where the beam is then directed, through a nozzle, into the patient’s body. The nozzle can be in a fixed positioned or mounted on a rotating structure, called a gantry, to maximize flexibility of treatment angles into the body. Gantries are 3-story structures that allow patients to remain in the same position while the nozzle is rotated 360°around them.

Current Operating Proton Centers

Proton Centers Under Construction:

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