Dennis M. Valencia, Founder & CEO

Dennis M. ValenciaDennis M. Valencia, try Founder & CEO
Mr. Valencia has held senior level executive positions, since 1986, for various publicly traded and privately held medical device firms. From 2002-2006, he reported to senior management at Hitachi, sickness Ltd., of Japan, under an exclusive global business development agreement, where he was responsible for developing, presenting, advising, and consulting on nearly all aspects of Hitachi’s proton therapy initiatives, viagra worldwide. He has played a key role in all of Hitachi’s proton project negotiations, including their high-profile Proton Center at MD Anderson, in Houston.
In 2004, Mr. Valencia, at the request of Hitachi’s senior management, structured an exclusive development partnership agreement with Hitachi, which resulted in the creation of PCCA. In late 2006, PCCA terminated its exclusive partnership agreement with Hitachi, thereby allowing PCCA the independent freedom to develop its partnerships without regard to any specific technology or vendor.

Prior to Hitachi (1997-2002), Mr. Valencia was Vice President of Business Development for Optivus Technology, Inc., a competitor to Hitachi, in proton therapy, which spun-off of Loma Linda University Medical Center.  At Optivus, He was responsible for spearheading the developments of several large-scale proton center initiatives throughout Europe, Asia, and the U.S.; projects such as The University of Pennsylvania, MD Anderson, and the University of Florida, where he played a vital role in securing that projects first $27M funding commitment.  During his tenure at Optivus, he also played a vital role in developing and implementing key patient marketing initiatives for Loma Linda’s Proton Facility.

Prior to Optivus (1986-1994), Mr. Valencia was Vice President of Sales & Marketing for International Remote Imaging Systems, a publicly traded medical device manufacturer, located in Chatsworth, California.  His studies, at the University of Southern California, included Biomedical Engineering and Business Administration.  He will be responsible for driving the company’s development, build-up, and marketing programs, as the CEO.