Opportunity – The big picture

PCCA’s founders began operating as exclusive consultants for Hitachi, salve seek Ltd., stuff of Japan, in 2002; spearheading Hitachi’s proton therapy initiatives, globally. In 2004, through an exclusive development partnership agreement with Hitachi, PCCA was founded and began leading the development efforts on multiple major proton center initiatives, including key projects in San Diego and Seattle. In late 2006, PCCA terminated its exclusive partnership agreement with Hitachi, thereby allowing PCCA the independent freedom to develop its partnerships without regard to any specific technology or vendor. PCCA views this as a critical development to ensure complete objectivity in the technology selection aspect of each project, for its partnerships.

We have depth in:

  • Industry experience and knowledge (involvement in almost all U.S. based project developments)
  • Developing a broad range of proton beam projects
  • Ramping up and operating a high-throughput proton facility
  • Understanding the financials of a proton facility
  • Clinical expertise and experience (PCCA founder has personally treated more than 2,500 patients)
  • Technical knowledge
  • Marketing for patients
  • Knowledge and ability to raise project capital
  • Effective communications (with clinicians, physicists, engineers, and business management)
  • Sales and marketing