Opportunity – Some details

We have some of the proton industry’s most experienced, knowledgeable, and connected individuals. Because of that, we know almost all of the industry’s key players and vendors, and their histories. We are able to draw on that pool of proven expertise as needed. This area of expertise has led to being offered key leadership positions for almost every project and vendor, and provided opportunity to work with top-rated institutions, interested in proton therapy.

We have experience in developing a broad range of proton projects. We played pivotal roles at Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC), the only proven high-volume proton facility to date. And we’ve been involved in almost all U.S. based project developments, and almost all of the international ones as well.

Our experience in ramping-up and operating a high-throughput proton facility is unquestionable. One of our founders was the Director of Operations and Residency Program Director at Loma Linda, and was responsible for the training of physicians on how to effectively, and efficiently, treat patients.

PCCA posses a thorough understanding of the financials of a proton facility. Our direct knowledge of most technology providers’ pricing and risk factors, and our knowledge of all the costing details of a high-throughput proton facility make us a strong partner. Our skill in developing project-specific financials, and sensitivity analyses, is critical in the justification of a project. We know the money part of the equation.

Our clinical expertise and experience using protons is deep. One of our founders has personally treated more than 2,500 cancer patients and logged more than 12 years of follow-up.

PCCA’s technical knowledge is unsurpassed. We are profoundly knowledgeable about accelerator systems, beam-lines, nozzle systems, control systems, software, and patient positioning systems. Our ability to tie together the past, present, and future technology developmental strategies, of operating facilities and vendors, is a key strength. We have assisted multiple institutions in developing their technical specifications. And we have direct access to shielding experts who can help us reduce building requirements.

Our track record in marketing for patients is yet another of our core strengths. We played key roles in a marketing effort that increased the number of patients, at LLUMC, from 40 to 160 patients per day. We also played significant roles in managing a patient acquisition process that greatly improved the conversion ratios of patient inquiries-to-patients. We have launched several marketing campaigns that have resulted in free national and regional news coverage.

We know how to raise project capital. We’ve developed a proprietary Joint Venture (JV) ownership structure that significantly minimizes its medical center partner’s exposure, without credit enhancement or recourse. We’ve also developed a proprietary business strategy for setting up, funding, and operating a for-profit, JV-based, high-throughput, proton facility. And we have quick access to various, highly reputable, funding sources for those entities.

Communicating effectively is yet another one of our areas of experience and expertise. We have a proven ability to articulate our vision in both verbal, written, and formal presentation formats. And we can speak to many different disciplines and audiences, from clinicians, to physicists, to engineers, and business management. We speak their language.

And, finally, we have the knowledge needed in sales and marketing. Our knowledge and depth gives us strong negotiating power. Our leadership skills get project “buy in” from all disciplines. We understand the current state of market pricing, business trade-offs, and the positioning of all potential vendors. And we know all regulatory issues, including FDA clearance processes, and radiation safety requirements. We take a leadership role.