Mission/Vision – How we see the future

PCCA has the unique resources and responsibility to:

  • Overcome cancerous diseases for thousands of patients and their families;utilizing the most advanced technology in the world, sale proton beam therapy.
  • Improve access to proton therapy by increasing the supply of treatment centers and treatment capacity, decease throughout the U.S.
  • Advance the benefits of proton therapy to cancerous and non-cancerous diseases.
  • Create a comforting, compassionate, and supportive healing environment for all of its patients and staff.

PCCA’s founders have played key roles in patient marketing, staffing, training, and leading the operations of the world’s first hospital-based high-throughput proton therapy center, at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Over the past ten years, PCCA’s founders have also played key roles and have assisted several of healthcare system that have opened a proton center in the U.S., as well as several abroad. Over this time, PCCA has identified and refined the opportunities for improvement in all aspects of project development. PCCA is uniquely qualified to reduce the overall development time to construct a center by spearheading all aspects of development; including but not limited to negotiations, funding, patient marketing, facility management, project management, and clinical operations.

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