Proton Beam Therapy – The optimum treatment

Proton Therapy is a highly advanced and very specific form of radiation therapy that uses protons, pharm from hydrogen atoms, once they have been stripped of their electrons and are then accelerated in a large particle accelerator, to precisely target cancerous tumors, throughout the body. Proton Therapy is a proven (FDA Cleared and Medicare Reimbursed) outpatient therapy and has effectively been used to treat over 60,000 cancer patients, worldwide, since the mid 1960’s. A proton center can successfully treat as many as 2,000 cancer patients, annually. Proton Therapy provides patients with the highest attainable control rates (as high as 90%) with the least amount of side effects, compared to surgery, chemotherapy, or conventional radiation therapy alternatives.

Because Proton Therapy provides a very specific dose placement, compared to conventional radiation, there is less damage to normal tissue (side effects). The reduced side effects of proton therapy allow physicians to prescribe higher doses to tumors, resulting in higher control of the cancer. Eradicating cancer before it spreads reduces the need for additional therapies. Overall, healthcare costs are reduced due to reductions in re-treatments and/or treating side effects. Most importantly, proton therapy improves a patient’s chances of survival, while improving their quality of life.